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  • Squirrels in our Attic ---need advice
    We have squirrels in our attic. They have made a tiny hole in our ceiling. Our home is a two story house. We need to get them out. does anyone have any advice. Thanks
    • Joan Greene Contact a pest control company for advice. We highly recommend Golden Eagle - our family has known him for years and he's *always* been able to help, whatever the pest problem. http://goldeneaglepestcontrol.com/
    • Rafael Thanks so much for your suggestion.
  • YBY Boxes made to order beautiful Die Cut boxes with free shipping in United Sta...
    Thursday’s close, the index IF1206 main contract closed at 2635. 6 points, expires earlier settlement YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes edged down 0. 8 points. Volume rose to 306, 000 hand positions to increase this week for the first time, the day Mansoura 652 lots to 44, and 773 lots. CSI 300 index closed at 2632. 04 points, down 10. 22 points over the previous day. The YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes difference from negative to positive, the main contract premium 3. 56 points. “Index in early trading, although the main impact of external disk to open lower, but to close only slightly by 0. 8 point premium status main contract presented, the trend significantly stronger than the spot, considering the dividend factor, the main contract premium margin. And from that day to the trend Look, a few waves intraday rapid rise, and accompanying volumes compared to the day before yesterday, an increase of positions and transactions as YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes outlook continued to provide the conditions, the index is expected to maintain the upward trend will continue. “Nashua Futures Analysis Division Jiang Craven He said. Topic futures analyst Yang Weeding said Thursday YBY Boxes made to order beautiful Die Cut boxes with free shipping in United States The index opened lower after stronger shocks to maintain the trend, from the morphological point of view, continue to rebound probability. “Before the overseas YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes uncertainty caused by adjusting the pressure of the cheap die cut boxes market, but did not change the medium-term bullish view of the medium-term policy side and the fundamentals will gradually boost YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes confidence to do more. The current index adjustments in place, technical support is obvious. In terms of storage capacity, YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes sentiment has gradually been restored, the total positions slowly rising, YBY Boxes is offering cheap die cut boxes increased focus again, the main short relatively recently is not dominant, meaning there is a compromise, futures main 1206 contract is expected to rally the previous high of 2735 point line. “From gold June contract announced late position reports, the main seat yesterday, there is a clear long Mansoura. The report shows that the top 20 holdings of more than a single long seats in 1829 to 36, 804 hand-hand, the top 20 holdings of empty seats short single 1324 hand to 45, 627 hand. Bull seats, top-ranking Guitar Jinan,

  • Pleasant Grove HS Varsity Baseball- What is going On! I am so angry!
    Does anyone have an experience with Pleasant Grove Varsity Baseball coaching? My son played freshman baseball and was coached by a man who regularly screamed profanities, publicly humiliated kids and clearly had favorites included his son who never sat out. It was "daddy ball" at its finest and kids with skills never played. His son however who regularly made errors played every game. I sat on the bench listened to parents complain, and leave in disgust and frustration. When I could no longer stand the situation I made an appointment with the principal thinking he must not know what was going on because a school like Pleasant Grove would not allow such discrimination and inappropriate behavior! The principal listened to my concerns and said he hadn't received any other complaints and dismissed my concerns. Didn't even have the courtesy of getting back to me, and the athletic director didn't even bother to show up at the meeting. My son went out for varsity tryouts. He was cut and told he didn't make the team because he didn't play summer ball. Other more seasoned parents told me he was blackballed because I complained. He went out for summer ball yesterday and was told they already have a team and don't bother coming out for tryouts. I am furious because I feel helpless! The school allows this inappropriate and unfair practice, parent's voices are not being heard, and kids are being bullied by adults. I know of at least six kids who actually changed schools after their freshman year because of this coach. Other parents must have similar stories please share them with me!!!! I need to know I'm not crazy and my kid can't be the only one who has experience the wrath of this coach! My son is a great player who's spirit has been shaken by one man. He is going to be a senior and the damage has been done but that doesn't have to be the case for other players! Parent voices together can make a change. Please send me your stories. It can be anonymous if you like I don't want your son to be blackballed like mine. I am going to post this on every public forum hoping to get parents to speak out.
  • Rover.com
    Does anyone have any experiences with Rover.com? I'm thinking of joining and walking dogs with them.
  • Moving Sale - Saturday May 27th 7:00am-12:00pm
    6705 Paseo Del Sol Way, Elk Grove, California, 95758

    Come on down for stylish clothes, rockin' furniture, electronics, camping supply, decor, dishes, books (Christian and other), VHS, complimentary coffee, and more. Get it while it's hot!
  • City of Elk Grove's Wag n Walk
    Join the City of Elk Grove for Wag n Walk! This event is a dog walk created for man’s best friend. Walkers and their 4-legged buddies will take the 1.4 mile stroll around Elk Grove Regional Park where they will encounter pawstops along the way like the VCA hydration station, Pet Club Bone Bar and other interactive booths. Step up and “Join the Movement!”

    Saturday, June 3, 2017 | 8:30am check in, 9:30 am start
    Elk Grove Regional Park - 9950 Elk Grove-Florin Road

    Wag n Walk registration is $15 and includes a t-shirt for you and a special gift for Fido!

    *A portion of the registration proceeds will support construction of an animal shelter in Elk Grove

    • Joan Greene How did the walk go? Are there links or photos anywhere?
    • Jodie Moreno Hi Joan...the event was amazing. We doubled our attendance and were just thrilled that so many people came out with their 4-legged friends. We do have photos that we have posted on social media and more. You can always email me if you're looking for more - jmoreno@elkgrovecity.org
  • Of 69.43%. In addition, the YBY Boxes expects half-year
    Of 69.43%. In addition, the YBY Boxes expects half-year earnings range for the 4000-5500 US dollar, an increase of 10.32% -51.69%. The YBY Boxes expects first quarter results in the previous notice in profit 840-1200 US dollar, an increase of 0% -50%, a quarterly performance is consistent with the notice. The YBY Boxes quarterly results and half-year results are in line with YBY Boxes and YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US Soon expectations. Gross interest rate up slightly, an significant increase in financial expenses: the YBY Boxes first quarter 2015 gross margin slightly improved 1.44 percentage points to 18.39%; expense ratio slightly improved 0.26 percentage points to 16.04%, including sales expense ratio and customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes fee rate lower, respectively, 1.10 and 1.27 percentage points to 2.60% and 5.00%, while the financial cost rate increased 2.63 percentage points to 8.43 percent. End of the first quarter assets and liabilities was 72.36%, the second increase is expected to reduce the YBY Boxes fixed assets and liabilities. A quarter accounts receivable turnover days increased by 53-208 days, while inventory turnover days YBY Boxes offer customized box shop with free shipping in United States Decreased by 10-41 days; operating cash flow was a net outflow of 385 million US dollar, representing a deterioration. Station eliminating defects superposition financial costs, generating high YBY Boxes sells customized boxes has not been reflected in operating profit: At the end of 2014, the YBY Boxes has accumulated control and grid-connected photovoltaic power plant 510.475MW, where the ground station 495MW, distributed power station 15.475MW. Among them, more than 200MW power plant in December 2014 and the network, eliminating defects after less impact on the profit contribution of power plants and networks, which increased from a quarter to a lesser extent the gross margin can also be verified. In addition, the fund YBY Boxes mergers and acquisitions occupied by the power plant because the shorter term bridge financing, high financial costs, the impact of the power plant revenue. Two factors make the YBY Boxes generating operating profit has not been reflected in high growth, expected in the second quarter will be gradually reflected, quarter by quarter YBY Boxes sells customized boxes performance is expected to improve. PV power plant

  • optimization and upgrading custom boxes offered from YBY Boxes
    optimization and upgrading custom boxes offered from YBY Boxes structure continued to improve profitability, YBY Boxes continue to give the YBY Boxes a "buy" rating, the fair value of 35.62 US dollar, equivalent to 26 times 2015 PE valuation. Customized boxes Warning: global personalized boxes conditions lead to fluctuations in demand customized boxes containers; electricity suppliers and other innovative custom boxes offered from YBY Boxes expansion and profit model form is uncertain; progress in implementing the YBY Boxes Qinghai project is uncertain. Recently, Del signed the "2015-2017 Vance centralized purchasing agreement to strengthen the floor." Vance representatives of the demand side (of Vance YBY Boxes sells customized boxes and its direct or indirect holding, YBY Boxes manufactures cheap boxes of each real estate Company) by screening of suppliers to determine del strengthen one home flooring suppliers Vance Group. Reviews: The cardboard boxes with US Vance, the YBY Boxes is following the Poly Real Estate After Poly Property, sun Yuba, Wanda Group, announced this year's fifth engineering a strategic cardboard boxes agreement, the agreement is valid for March 1, 2015 -2017 on February 28, for up to two years; Place of Delivery YBY Boxes provides custom printing with logo long box with free shipping include : the Los Angeles area (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fushun, , Zhuhai, Xiamen, Changsha, Fuzhou, Sonya, Nanning and other demand-side location specified), New York City area (Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Hangzhou, Ningbo , Hefei, Nanchang, Wenzhou, Yangzhou, Wuhu, Nantong, Xuzhou, Jinxing and other demand-side designated locations), Los Angeles area (Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun, Anshan, Qingdao, Yenta, Tangshan, Taurus dollar and other demand-side specified location), Chengdu (Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Urumqi and other demand-side location specified). The signing of a long customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes span, Place of Delivery reach 44 cities as much again to tell the market, Del home has a strong competitive strength in the floor area, which is the YBY Boxes in the last three years, painstakingly developed YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes returns. YBY Boxes have always stressed with the YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US value of the home should be along Del floor, intelligent Internet home grapheme three main lines judge, and not simply look at a static valuation, because the YBY Boxes is now customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes

  • As injection of military research scientific research institutions, listed YBY B...
    As injection of military research scientific research institutions, listed YBY Boxes to bring more substantial benefits and the expected results, driven by share prices. The next 5 to 10 years, the military YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US compound annual YBY Boxes sells customized boxes rate of over 20%. Depth study of stocks Securities Times reporter: on your managed fund, in particular customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes strategy is like? Zhang Jinan: first in-depth study of individual stocks, index operations against the military and some stocks fell gradually Jouncing, rising gradually sell; secondly, strong military plates effect, seize the lead, seize the majority of policies, events, and even brought a major restructuring earnings, also seized the main opportunities; and finally by anticipation, trace trigger event, the overall YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US sentiment, timely decisions, the first customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes Opening. Zhang Shen US dollar: the rich military is a hierarchical fund, grading design, because YBY Boxes want not only to provide customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes index tracking military tool, but also provide a lever type tools, making YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes optimistic about the military at the customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes of customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes YBY customized printing with logo small boxes with free shipping in United States Trends, leverage can magnify income. A few days ago, sources said, as the country's oil to the "leader" of the Xinjiang oil and gas is now divided into three blocks for personalized boxes and Private YBY Boxes bidding. The National Energy Board is expected in June to the fastest growing number of YBY Boxes awarded oil exploration and personalized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes qualification license, grant, or up to five numbers, which means that the country has a number of qualified YBY Boxes will double the existing four, based on the oil and gas reforms extending from the downstream to upstream highest degree of monopoly. YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US experts believe that the license issued to make Xinjiang the largest oil and gas industry, the energy YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US the first to usher in reform dividend. At the same time, it will further promote the personalized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes of personalized boxes oil and gas companies, and in the case of attracting more private capital to enter, will make available within the YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US more competitive. In this regard, the customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes adviser in the energy YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US researcher Wan learn wisdom in an interview with reporters, he said that US's

  • Wackford Community Blood Drive
    The Elk Grove community can save lives during Blood Donor Day at the Wackford Community Center (9014 Bruceville Rd., Elk Grove) on Friday, June 9 from 8:00am – 7:00pm. Participants will receive an exclusive promo code redeemable at My.BloodSource.org for a FREE California State Fair ticket or a limited edition BloodSource/Blood Centers of the Pacific San Francisco Giants T-shirt!

    Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. Blood donations can help a patient in need such as John Phillips, a wrestler who recently graduated from Elk Grove High School. An autoimmune disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ITP landed Phillips in the hospital on his 17th birthday. John’s life was turned around thanks to blood donors who helped him get well. Plasma-based medicine was the key to Phillips’ recovery.

    In addition to blood donation opportunities, potential marrow donors ages 18-44 can register for Be The Match® national marrow registry through BloodSource. For more information, please visit bloodsource.org or call Elizabeth Rolli at (916) 453-3045.
    • Dawn Phillips Awesome, glad my son's story can help draw people to this event. He has had 530 donations in his name so far!
  • Synergy Basketball Sign Ups this Summer
    Incoming 7th-12th graders are invited to participate in the Synergy Basketball league this summer.

    Junior high games - Monday nights between 6-8:30pm starting June 5
    High school games - Friday nights between 6-8:30pm starting June 9

    Cost is $50 for 8 games

    Location: Creekside Christian Church -8939 E. Stockton Blvd. Elk Grove

    Register at http://www.creeksideeg.com/kids-youth/synergy-basketball/
  • Florin Drivers Fuel Up for a Dollar at Propel Fuels 105 Octane Tour
    Florin Drivers Fuel Up for a Dollar at Propel Fuels 105 Octane Tour
    Appealing to high performance car drivers, 105 Octane Tour showcases the power of Flex Fuel E85 while reducing emissions and air pollution

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (May 8, 2017) – This week Florin area drivers can fuel up with Flex Fuel E85 for just $1.05 per gallon as part of Propel Fuels “105 Octane Tour” to drive awareness of the fuel’s high octane rating which provides increased power and acceleration, while reducing emissions and air pollution. E85 is a clean-burning alternative to petroleum gasoline that is performance-optimized for use in Flex Fuel vehicles. E85′s octane rating is considerably higher than premium gasoline (105 vs 91 octane) and is comparable to racing fuel, increasing vehicle horsepower and acceleration, especially in higher compression engines.

    The 105 Octane Tour includes stops at five Propel stations around the greater Sacramento area. At each tour stop Propel will give away Propel ProShop swag including E85 decals, caps and mugs, register members to the elite Hi-Octane Society aficionado club, and have fuel experts on hand to answer questions. Upcoming dates and locations for the 105 Octane Tour include:

    ● May 10th, 10am-2pm – Florin (8062 Florin Rd.)
    ● May 17th, 10am-2pm – Roseville (999 Sunrise Ave.)
    ● June 7th, 10am-2pm – Placerville (151 Main St.)
    ● June 14th, 10am-2pm – West Sacramento (705 Harbor Pointe Pl.)

    Unlike petroleum, E85 is made from renewable resources including sugars, grains and agricultural waste materials. Using E85 not only decreases CO2 emissions by 40% versus gasoline (California Air Resources Board); it has also helped cut the consumption of crude oil by nearly one million barrels a day.

    “E85 is truly connecting with today’s smart, savvy drivers who want more value from their fuel than gasoline is giving them,” said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel. “Millennials are our fastest growth segment, as more drivers of high performance cars are seeking a powerful fuel to meet their needs.”

    About Propel
    Propel was founded in 2004 with a mission to connect people to better fuels. With 34 Flex Fuel and 32 Diesel HPR locations across California, Propel provides new fuel choices that are higher in performance, deliver better value and create healthier communities. Propel ranked among 2015’s top 10 private companies in Silicon Valley and is recognized by Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500”. Propel was named winner of the 2016 Clean Energy Awards for Best Clean Energy Technology Innovator by Global Energy News, and was a finalist for the prestigious 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards for Industry Leadership. More information is available at propelfuels.com and by following Propel at facebook.com/propelfuels and on Twitter at @PropelFuels.


    Locations and real time pricing can be found on Propel’s mobile app in the Android and Apple app stores.
    Apple iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/propel-station-locator-e85/id912207853?mt=8
    Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.propelfuels.stnlctr

    Media & Aficionado Channels
    Hi-Octane Society: https://www.facebook.com/HiOctaneSociety/
    Diesel Pros: https://www.facebook.com/propeldieselpro/
    Propel Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PropelFuels/
    Propel Twitter: https://twitter.com/PropelFuels
    Propel ProShop: https://propelproshop.com/

    Media Contact
    Jaime Quick, ChangeUp for Propel Fuels
    206-229-5183, jq@changeupadvisors.com

    Editor's Note:
    Video testimonials from Propel customers are included in a video “A day at Propel”. More information, screenshots, B-Roll video and photography for download and use is available at: propelfuels.com/media_kit.

  • Action, as soon as possible and strive to become the RRR banks
    Action, as soon as possible and strive to become the RRR banks. And this month, the finalists for these banks is undoubtedly an important node. "YBY Boxes are trying to complete before the end of June," when the YBY Boxes just asked related issues, an agricultural firm responsible quickly to give a reply, he said, the YBY Boxes is losing no customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes were reported, but also very much hope that in the end former "fruition." Second session of the Ninth National People's Congress held in Los Angeles on the 23rd, meeting for the first customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes to consider the draft revision of the Wine Safety Law, reflecting the state attaches great importance and attention to the quality of life of residents. Meanwhile, in recent years, frequent drinking water pollution problems, promote awareness of population health water rapidly increasing. In this context, water purification equipment YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US is the momentum of rapid development, the YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US entered a golden period of development. The PRC, monitoring data show that in 2014 from January to April of water purification equipment sales rose 45.2 percent, far higher than the YBY Boxes custom printing recycling boxes with free shipping in United States Overall YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US appliances on year increase of 1.5%. 2013 of water appliances (including traditional drinking fountains and water purification equipment) overall retail sales 18.6 billion US dollar, up 20.7%, of which 9.5 billion US dollar scale water purification equipment, an increase of 75.9%. Water purification equipment, known as the "living water treatment equipment", according to different categories can be divided into: the whole house equipment, terminal equipment; water purification equipment, soft water equipment; household appliances, commercial equipment. At present, US's water YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes penetration rate of only 2%, in Beijing, New York City and other cities, water purification equipment penetration does not exceed 10%. That compared with 70 percent of prevalence in developed countries, US's huge YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US space. The YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US is expected, water purification equipment in the next six years, or an average annual compound YBY Boxes sells customized boxes rate of 45% by 2020 the scale of US's water purification equipment will exceed 100 billion US dollar, is expected to reach 128 billion US dollar. Meanwhile,

  • YBY Boxes personalized eco friendly boxes with free shipping in United States
    Down 249.99 percent. The reason is that the main focus of aviation YBY Boxes manufactures low cost boxes will be delivered in the second half, resulting in a loss of profit for the period presented. AVIC Securities analyst, said the military industry, the traditional military YBY Boxes accounted for much of its own military assets, profitability is not very strong, the YBY Boxes fundamentals and current valuations are often mismatched, mainly to see expectations. But "the people to join the army," this piece, such as Bijou navigation and industry, mainly to see the performance, general secondary YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US is reflected in its fundamentals, if reporting the results than expected, it will certainly be favorable for the secondary market. Four bull low cost boxes delivered by YBY Boxes YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US reform lit In the overall context of deepening reform, the YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US is expected, the relevant supporting policies and military YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US in the second half is expected to be launched soon. Especially in mixed-ownership reform, restructuring research institutes, civil-military integration, and military reform pricing customized boxes reform four themes will stir A-share YBY Boxes personalized eco friendly boxes with free shipping in United States Listed YBY Boxes in the second half. Many YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US insiders to the US Securities, told reporters that military research institutes classification reform policies in the third quarter is expected to be introduced. US's military asset securitization rate is still relatively low, the rate of ten military asset securitization YBY Boxes sells customized boxes only 30%, listed YBY Boxes involved in military YBY Boxes in military core is relatively small. YBY Boxes with foreign military asset securitization rate is generally in the 70% -80% compared to the level of future military YBY Boxes much room for improvement. The next five years, the proportion of military assets securitization is expected to increase 2-3 times YBY Boxes YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US capitalization is expected to grow 5-10 times. US Heavy Party Secretary Goo with the Army had also told the US Securities newspaper YBY Boxes said that once the relevant national policies, US's heavy YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US will be fully launched 30 research institutes and institutions into YBY Boxes restructuring work. On civil-military integration in the field, recently reported that