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  • Summer Shred Day - July 22nd
    Come join the students from Laguna Creek High School Band for their Summer Shred Day this Saturday from 9am to noon.

    Viking Shred will be onsite to shred your papers while you watch. Just be sure to remove all objects from your box or bag except for paper, paper clips, staples and binder clips.

    This is a fundraiser to raise money for repairs and replacement of our much loved instruments. Therefore, the students are asking for a $5 donation per box or bag!

    Go to the website for more information at www.thelchsband.org
  • Elk Grove Pest Control
    Pest control service is becoming an important need day by day. And it is necessary too. Elk Grove pest control (http://pinnaclepest.com/elk-grove-pest-control-service-center/) is offering the different types of pest control service which helps us in living a healthy and a safe life.
  • HI! Just introducing myself...
    My name is Raquela and I'm a private Voice Teacher (not vocal coach). I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. BTW, I tried signing in at elkgroveonline.com but nothing worked. Is that site no longer working?
  • Conquer Chiari Walk Across America September 23, 2017
    Please Mark Your Calendars-September 23, 2017
    Register- 8 am Walk- 10 am
    Elk Grove Regional Park
    9950 Elk Grove Florin Road
    Elk Grove, Ca 95624
    Pre-Register at www.conquerchiari.org
    Please help raise awareness and funds for research for Chiari Malformation. If you know anyone that has this disorder please share this information with them. Thank you.
  • Salute to the Red, White & Blue
    Join the City of Elk Grove as we celebrate 21 years of spectacular fireworks!!!! The Salute to the Red, White & Blue is Elk Grove’s premier patriotic celebration marking the nation’s independence. The day will feature vendors, food trucks, roaming entertainment, a pie-eating contest, bike and stroller parade, Republic Services Kids Zone, live entertainment with cover band saved by the 90s and a fireworks show to top off the night. - http://www.elkgrovecity.org/visitors/things_to_do/special_events/salute_to_the_red__white___blue/
  • Self-Defense Clinic
    Everybody knows assaults happen, but nobody thinks it will happen to them. But they're happening to somebody aren't they!?! Be prepared, know what to do and how not to become a victim or a statistic. Call my studio (916) 686-3478) to reserve your space in this Saturday's clinic from 3-4:30 p.m. Cost is $35. This class is for men, women and teens.
  • Kodi app
    Does anyone know of someone who knows how to install apps or add-ons to the Kodi App? I have Kodi on my TV but can't seem to add anything to it.
  • Be PROUD of Elk Grove's mighty VOICE! Support your local phenomenon!!
    As featured in major Press (including Elk Grove Citizen), the RAREST Artwork in the world...

  • Sprinkler repair
    Looking for someone to do sprinkler repair on the actually sprinkler controls.....
  • So...
    Is this a site intended to replace our beloved EGO, or not? Who are the administrators? There are trash posts all over here that need to be deleted - I've reported them, so have others, but they're still there. What gives?
  • Service Dog Training Walkabouts
    I've just started a new Meetup - couldn't find any groups for handlers / trainers of service dogs or service dogs in training, so I created one. :) If you're interested, check us out and sign up for the next walkabout.

    Please note: this group is only for handlers of SDs/SDiTs - not pet dogs. If you need help training your non-working pet, there are many obedience classes being offered around town that should be suitable. Still want help? Shoot me a PM at the Meetup.
  • preferably days. Ease comes with this Ramadan
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  • YBY Boxes provides custom sturdy Die Cut boxes with free shipping in United Stat...
    Limit, banks have begun sideways. YBY Boxes strengthened sharply in early trading, led by heavyweights gives a “hasty” feeling, after all, in the absence of major positive cases substantial, the current YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes environment does not support such a performance of YBY Boxes shares. In contrast, the GEM delisting low cost die cut boxes has just been published, the high valuation of the plate is also facing negative attacks. Under the profit ascribed weakness began to honor, rapid decline further decline in small-cap stocks led to inertia and even panic down, just an hour only a 1% gain in taking all, it is the previous close down 1. 5%. In the afternoon, the YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes panic mentality eased, the message appeared YBY Boxes manufactures custom die cut boxes of Housing and brewing just need positive stimulus, cement stocks once by the strong, and as the index was flat, hot money revival, late pre-strong “small loan “concept have limit, YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes sentiment recovery, the index lost ground. Early “small loan” concept strong again on Tuesday, YBY Boxes think back to the light reflective belong, after all, the concept of speculation foundation is not solid, whether YBY Boxes provides custom sturdy Die Cut boxes with free shipping in United States Short-term or long-term performance of the YBY Boxes will not have much impact. Leading YBY Boxes is providing cheapest die cut boxes Zhejiang East starting from 6 US dollar rose to 15. 83 US dollar, an increase of nearly 160%, while the related stocks also has doubled the performance, the recent trend of a marked departure from the volume and price, technical indicators passivation trend, “and again the possibility of failure, and thrice, “the big. In summary, YBY Boxes believe that the positive effect of financial reform has entered the second half of the index, YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes cannot be too optimistic. Short-faced “May Day” holiday, YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes will pay more attention to the futures YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes holiday risks. PMI data released early and not uncertainty in overseas markets will more or less affect the attitude of investors. Especially after Tuesday’s sharp oscillation after YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes tend to be cautious, the index dropped positions is the best proof. Intense competition, long and short see-saw, yesterday’s intraday trend index is like a story of ups and downs large. On Tuesday, the YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures opened lower, in the banking sector and the “two

  • LOST PET Michi gray pomeranian dog
    Call Janice 916 402 7845 if found. Please help Michi come home. She's been my pet daughter for over 10 years. She's almost 13 yrs old, but looks like a puppy or little baby bear. Michi is a little dark gray Pomeranian dog with a whitish gray snout. Missing since 9am Saturday 06/03/2017 from La Almendra Ave & Lochinvar Ave near Valley High School, Cosumnes River Blvd, Center Parkway, Jacinto Ave, Ehrhardt Ave areas.
    • Joan Greene Has she come back Janice? <3
    • Janice Nakamura Thankfully, Yes! Someone found her and sold her on Craigslist all within 3 hours of her going missing I found out later. The new buyer didn't know how to locate me through microchip, but got one of my social media lost pet flyers texted to her from a friend and called me, so I was able to get her back home the next day. I was very lucky
    • Joan Greene Thank God for honest people to make up for the others! Glad to hear Michi is back home, safe and sound. <3
  • 9000 point mark. As of 8: 43 GMT, the Nikkei 225 index was at 9015. 14 points
    9000 point mark. As of 8: 43 GMT, the Nikkei 225 index was at 9015. 14 points, down 29. 92 points, down 0. 33%; South Korea’s composite index was at 1939. 65 points, down 10. 64 points, down 0. 55 percent; ASX ordinary index number reported 4343. 4 points, up 11. 2 points, or 0. 25%; New Zealand 50 index was at 3572. 24 points, up 12. 77 points, or 0. 36 percent. Le-day rise in the current round of YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes adjustment since. It is noteworthy that prior to this crash, “Air Force Commander” Guitar Jinan holdings of empty seats in a two-day total of more than 2000 single hand, so that the index of “Air Law” apparitions again. New YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures positions data show, Guitar Jinan single clearance continues to grow, but in Futures and Galaxy Futures have from idling trends, YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes outlook trend will continue to tangle. YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index plunged Space Affairs foresight Yesterday the two cities opened lower after the shock lower, YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index fell below the 10 day line support once after the steady rise, but near midday down again. At the close, YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index reported 2408. 59 points, down 40. 29 points, YBY Boxes offer custom printing with logo recycled Die Cut boxes with free shipping Down 1. 65%; Los Angeles Component Index reported 10, 294. 58 points, down 230. 10 points, down 2. 19 percent. It is worth noting that in the previous trading day the YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes plunged, and YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures short juicing already. Large sell orders top twenty seats held two sessions on Monday and Tuesday a total increase IF1205 empty single 2603 hand positions, which “Air Force Commander” Guitar Jinan most active JCP increase two empty single 2016 hand positions. IF05 eventually fell 40. 6 points yesterday, to make a cheapest die cut boxes ahead of the layout of the index bears earn bowl full plate full. Index predictor magical disc reproduction Historical data show that the trend of YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures on the spot with a guide. Statistics show that the amount of net short positions in YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures before 20 seats as an indicator, the last seven times the amount of net short positions hit a new high of the trading day, six times the CSI 300 Index fell in the following trading day, with an average drop of 2. 33 %. The previous day the YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes fell, the term refers to the amount of net short positions