'Indivisible' Groups
Anyone know if there are any 'Indivisible' resistance groups organizing in Elk Grove?
  • Richie J What is a indivisible resistance group?
  • Liz terry Hi libby, not sure about the answer... Maybe we can start one? New to elk grove... so why not?
  • LibbyLu Indivisible groups are being organized locally all across the nation, and globally as well. Indivisible is a plan and strategy to resist and oppose our 45th president and the actions of the Republican- dominated Congress.

    Good news, I finally found the Elk Grove Indivisible group, newly becoming organized and already with 200-plus people signed up.

    If anyone is interested in joining, contact morenoj246@gmail.com.

    For info about Indivisible, go to IndivisibleGuide.com.

    Many, many organizations are involved in resistance activities and citizens are contacted with actions to take on a daily basis: writing letters, making phone calls, attending rallies and more.

    In addition to the Women's March last Saturday, I have also attended the PP Pink Out Rally at the Capital last Tuesday, a MoveOn rally at Sen. Harris's office yesterday and a Nurse's rally last Sunday.