Of 69.43%. In addition, the YBY Boxes expects half-year
Of 69.43%. In addition, the YBY Boxes expects half-year earnings range for the 4000-5500 US dollar, an increase of 10.32% -51.69%. The YBY Boxes expects first quarter results in the previous notice in profit 840-1200 US dollar, an increase of 0% -50%, a quarterly performance is consistent with the notice. The YBY Boxes quarterly results and half-year results are in line with YBY Boxes and YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US Soon expectations. Gross interest rate up slightly, an significant increase in financial expenses: the YBY Boxes first quarter 2015 gross margin slightly improved 1.44 percentage points to 18.39%; expense ratio slightly improved 0.26 percentage points to 16.04%, including sales expense ratio and customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes fee rate lower, respectively, 1.10 and 1.27 percentage points to 2.60% and 5.00%, while the financial cost rate increased 2.63 percentage points to 8.43 percent. End of the first quarter assets and liabilities was 72.36%, the second increase is expected to reduce the YBY Boxes fixed assets and liabilities. A quarter accounts receivable turnover days increased by 53-208 days, while inventory turnover days YBY Boxes offer customized box shop with free shipping in United States Decreased by 10-41 days; operating cash flow was a net outflow of 385 million US dollar, representing a deterioration. Station eliminating defects superposition financial costs, generating high YBY Boxes sells customized boxes has not been reflected in operating profit: At the end of 2014, the YBY Boxes has accumulated control and grid-connected photovoltaic power plant 510.475MW, where the ground station 495MW, distributed power station 15.475MW. Among them, more than 200MW power plant in December 2014 and the network, eliminating defects after less impact on the profit contribution of power plants and networks, which increased from a quarter to a lesser extent the gross margin can also be verified. In addition, the fund YBY Boxes mergers and acquisitions occupied by the power plant because the shorter term bridge financing, high financial costs, the impact of the power plant revenue. Two factors make the YBY Boxes generating operating profit has not been reflected in high growth, expected in the second quarter will be gradually reflected, quarter by quarter YBY Boxes sells customized boxes performance is expected to improve. PV power plant