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  • Make it Magical
    October is coming.
    Whether you have an Octoberfest, Harvest Festival or Halloween Celebration coming up, you could make it Magical.
    Elk Grove has several Professional Magicians to make your event amazing.
    Magic can be good Family fun to sophisticated Adult fare.
    A Stand-Up Magic Show can amaze to the whole crowd, Strolling Magic can mingle through your event leaving a trail of wonder or more intimate, at the table, Close-Up Magic can astound.
    Search Elk Grove Magicians to see your local options and... MAKE IT MAGICAL!

    "Magical Mary" Mowder
  • Antenna reception suddenly much worse in Elk Grove CA
    I use an in house rabbit ear type antenna with an old fashioned VCR.

    While the new digital converter had made it so the VCR had reduced functionality, it did work.

    Now suddenly I'm getting fewer channels that will go though the AV system and the antenna is picking up fewer channels on regular TV, with lots more pixilation problems (and much more touchy about the direction of the ears).

    I'm not anxious to dive into the process of choosing a DVR and new antenna because it seems to have a lot of draw backs compared to the simplicity of my old system (not to mention paying a subscription fee).

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having a new problem along these lines?
    I know my equipment is old but it was working fine till a few days ago.

    Magical (dino-tech) Mary
  • Family Restaurants in Elk Grove
    What is you favorite Elk Grove Restaurant that features a Family Night.

    What makes that night different? Special deals, entertainment, menu for Kids?

    Is it always a good place for Families or mostly on one night?

    Magical Mary
    • Beez I recommend Bravo's Soup and Sandwich Shop. It doesn't feature a " family" night per se but they do serve a dinner on week day nights that is different each night. Farm to Table fresh food.
    • Magical Mary Hey, thank you Beez.

      I thought I posted thanks a couple of days ago, so sorry for not acknowledging your help sooner.

    • Richie J Wow, I never knew this restaurant was there. I will have to give it a try.
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